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Moviestica Team are a combination of male and female readers, bloggers, internet researcher's computer game addicts, and the most important our mutual addiction's are movies.

Purpose Of This Blog:
We here at Moviestica quite some time now have different ways of perspective and purposes in movies, from oldest to latest but usually for the latest and upcoming information about the same. So to define our skills better we have created a blog where we can all write everything about movies and also compete with one and other to see who possess's better skills in writing about online movies, best movies and etc. so you the readers can help us understand better. But in time we saw that you're interest's for this blog have grown and we stopped defining our skills and concentrated by helping you the readers and movie addict's.

Further Purpose Of Moviestica Team:
We started and we will finish so this blog will be the best place for finding you're favorite movies and also one day getting our very own domain name with the help of you our readers.